Do you have a crowded space that’s cramping your style? Have no fear — you might not have to upgrade your square footage to make a small space work for you. No matter the size of your home, there are several ways to make a tiny room feel and appear larger, from small adjustments to major projects. With these tips and tools, you might just create additional space — or at least some perceived space!

  • Remove clutter. A cluttered, overcrowded room can make a space feel
    smaller than it is. Remove any excess collections or decor from the room (or
    hide it behind cabinet doors or in drawers). You might even cut down on the
    pieces of furniture that add additional bulk to the room.
  • Keep pathways clear. Remove furniture from walkways so there is an
    easy way to maneuver through the room. Make sure tall furniture is against
    the wall and not blocking your view of the room.
  • Lighten up. Lighter, brighter colors are known to provide a more spacious
    and open feel. Consider painting the walls a neutral tone, like white,
    off-white, light gray or cream to make the room appear larger. You might also
    consider updating furniture with lighter fabrics!
  • Go big. Large-scale art and other large items can make a room appear
    larger, if done correctly. It’s best to emphasize a few large items as
    opposed to many smaller items to make the space feel less crowded.
  • Increase natural light. The more natural — and artificial — light you can
    add to a room, the larger it will appear. Consider removing heavy curtains,
    adding light fixtures, or even adding a window or two!
  • Create a focal point. Center the furniture in the room around one piece
    of furniture or work of art. In the bedroom, it is most likely the bed and in
    the dining room, the table. Make those pieces the star of the room so the eye
    is drawn to them!
  • Incorporate transparent materials. Utilize glass, sheer fabrics and other
    transparent materials for an airy, open feel. This will also allow natural
    light to flood the room more easily!
  • Add a mirror or two. Hang a large mirror on the wall or rest one on
    the floor to reflect light and make the room feel nearly double in size.
    Smaller mirrors can be placed on a dresser or table for a similar effect.
  • Emphasize vertical lines. Give the illusion of height by incorporating
    vertical lines. Add tall, skinny furniture, install striped wallpaper or
    painted lines, or hang your curtains higher than your windows to achieve this



I hope these tricks help you maximize your space to the fullest!